Bcc to NetSuite enables email logging while in Compose mode and works by logging the email to the recipient(s) in the to field upon clicking the send button. The feature contains customizable logic, which your administrator will configure. Be sure to review the expectations of the functionality of this feature with your administrator.

If a matching record is not found, the email will appear in the Unmatched Emails Suitelet. Contact your administrator for more information regarding the Unmatched Emails Suitelet.

Example use case: You are writing an email that you also want to log to NetSuite. Instead of sending the email and then using the add-in to log it, you can log the email by bcc'ing it to NetSuite. By using the Bcc feature, the add-in will match the record to the first person it finds in the 'To' field creating only one message record.

How to Bcc an Outbound Email to NetSuite

  1. Compose an email either by creating a new email or replying to an email

  2. Navigate to the Home ribbon in Outlook and click on the Bcc to NetSuite icon

  3. Bcc to NetSuite feature will show up in the Bcc field

  4. Send the message