Once you set up your SuperSync account, you'll also have access to your SuperSync Email for Outlook dashboard.

Your dashboard will start tracking data as soon as you complete your implementation and grant access to your users to the add-in — no additional setup required.

Please note that only admins or users with a SuperSync account will have access to the Dashboards.

Covered in this article:

  • Access the Dashboard
  • Logged Requests
  • Date Range
  • Overview Graph
  • Records Created
  • Leaderboard
  • Leader Board Activity

Access the Dashboard

To access your dashboard, simply log in to your SuperSync account by going to supersync.cloud. Once you've logged in, click on the SuperSync Email at the left-side navigation, and your dashboard will load.

Logged Requests

The first section on the dashboard displays the requests logged today and the ones logged this week.

Date Range

Set a date range on the dashboard by clicking on the calendar and selecting the desired dates. When you choose a range, that range will apply to all charts on the page.

Overview Graph

The overview graph will display how many requests were logged successfully and if any requests failed, depending on the date range you select. You can hover over any data point in the graph to get more information on a specific date.

Records Created

This graph displays the number and the types of records created in NetSuite using the add-in.


From the pie chart, you can quickly understand how many users have logged emails to NetSuite using the add-in and how many emails each user has logged in.

Leader Board Activity

The Leader Board Activity graph gives you a comprehensive overview of how many users have logged emails, how many emails each user has logged in, and when they are the most active. This feature is especially useful for sales teams to keep track of their employee's performance.