Here’s how to create a filter for a matching type in order to display less results when searching. To do this, you will need to create a saved search and attach it to the matching type.

As an example in this guide, we will filter the Case matching type to display only open Cases.

Creating the Saved Search



  1. Go to Lists → Search → Saved Searches → New

  2. On the New Saved Search page, click the record type associated with the matching type you are working with.
    Since we are using the Case record type for this example, we will click on Case.

  3. Give the search a meaningful name in the Search Title field.

  4. Enable the Public checkbox.

  5. Only the filters under the Criteria subtab are neededEverything else under the other subtabs will be ignored. Add the appropriate criteria needed for your filter.
    For this example, we will filter Cases to display only the ones that are open by setting the Status to noneof Closed.


5. Save the saved search by clicking the Save & Run button. You may need to hover over the arrow on the Save button to see it.


Here are the search results from our example.


Setting the Saved Search Filter on the Matching Type

  1. Go to Customization Lists, Records, & Fields → Record Types

2. On the SuperSync Email Matching Type row, click List.


3. Edit the matching type where you’d like to apply the filter.
We will edit the Cases matching type in our example.




4. In the Saved Search Filter field, find the search that you created earlier.



5. Click the Save button.