This feature allows you to create certain NetSuite records directly within your SuperSync Email for Outlook add-in. Note that this feature is only available on a profile-by-profile basis, so your Administrator will need to enable each record type for the profile assigned to you to create that particular record type.

Example use case: You receive an email that you want to log to NetSuite, but you don't get the results you were anticipating when you search for records related to that name or email. With Record Create available, you can create a new NetSuite record without ever navigating away from your email.

From the add-in you have the option to create records for new Customers, Contacts, and Leads.

How to Create a New NetSuite Record

  1. Click on the New Record button at the bottom of the add-in

  2. Select the NetSuite record type you wish to create

  3. Complete all required/desired fields

  4. Click Submit to save the record

From there, you will have the option to log the selected email to the new record.