The Auto-Log feature allows you to log a single email message and then automatically log additional messages on that thread to the same NetSuite record.

Example use case 1: You are having an important back and forth email conversation with a client, and you want to make sure you capture all the information on the associated NetSuite record. Once you log the initial email to the NetSuite record, you can enable the Auto-Log toggle. With Auto-Log turned on, you can ensure every email within that conversation gets logged to the specified NetSuite record.

Example use case 2: Your leadership team prefers to see a complete record of communication on NetSuite records. Log an email and then enable the Auto-Log toggle to ensure you don't miss any messages.

How to Enable Auto-Log

Once you've successfully logged an email to NetSuite, the record will display the option to Auto-Log Conversation. With Auto-Log enabled, anytime another message is selected within the same conversation, that message will also be logged to the NetSuite record. We recommend pinning the add-in to make sure it stays open.

Note: As a prerequisite for the above functionality, you must have the add-in open to ensure the messages log to NetSuite.

If at any time the conversation is no longer relevant to continue auto-logging, simply toggle the option back to the off position.