This option is located on the Configuration record in NetSuite.

  1. Navigate to Customization → List, Records, & Fields → Record Types
  2. On the SuperSync Email Configuration row, click List
  3. Click Edit next to the only Configuration record in the list

This option applies to the Bcc to NetSuite feature.

When enabled, the email will only be logged to the first person in the "To" of the email.

When disabled, the email will be logged to every person in the "To" of the email. This means there will be duplicate message records created, one for each person.

As an example, let's consider the following. You are using the Bcc to NetSuite feature and your email looks like this:

If you have the option enabled, SuperSync Email will create one Message record in NetSuite like this:

If you have the option disabled, SuperSync Email will create three Message records in NetSuite like this: