As staffs change roles in the company, the original NetSuite admin may no longer be suitable as the main connection between SuperSync Email and your NetSuite account. The steps below will allow a new NetSuite admin to log in and establish a new connection for SuperSync Email within your NetSuite account.

1. Log into your company's SuperSync account at

If you don't have a login for your company's SuperSync account, please contact us a requesting a new login. Do not create a new account as each account represents a company.

2. From the side panel on the left, click Integrations, then click My Integrations

3. Expand the integration

4. Click the Change Authentication Method button

5. Click the Continue button on the new screen. Then it will ask you to log into NetSuite.

6. Once the authentication is completed, you will be brought back to the previous screen with the Continue button. At this point, you can close the window as the operation was successful.

If for any reason you still experience issues with the connection, please reach out to us at