SuperSync Email includes more advanced features within its Configuration record giving you even more control to finetune the product to your needs.

Covered in this article:

  • How to access the SuperSync Email configuration record
  • Explanation of each individual field within the Configuration record

How to access the Configuration record

Go to Customization → List, Records & Fields → Record Types, click on List to the right of the SuperSync Email Configuration record. 

Individual fields and their functions

1. SuperSync License Information WindowThe SuperSync license information window provides you with a quick look at how many licenses your organization possess and how many is currently being used. It also provides you with a quick way to create a license request when you need more licenses as your organization's needs grow.
2. Login TokenThe Login Token is like a password used to log into the add-in. Every user in your company will use this Login Token.
3. Bcc to NetSuite: Attach to First Person in "To" OnlyThis option applies to the Bcc to NetSuite feature.

When enabled, the email will only be logged to the first person in the "To" of the email.

When disabled, the email will be logged to every person in the "To" of the email. This means there will be duplicate message records created for each person.

4. Attachments Folder IDEnter the internal ID of a folder in the File Cabinet. This is where email attachments are saved.

If no folder ID is entered, -10 is used by default, which is the Attachments Received folder located at the root of the File Cabinet.

Attachments are organized by email. Each time an email is logged, a new folder is created with "SuperSync.Email." as the prefix and the date as the suffix.